Saturday, September 12, 2009

Thomas the Train

We headed up to Strasburg Railroad today to see Thomas the Train. The boys were extremely excited and had a great time - but the day was not without incident. First off - the fields where you can park at Strasburg were flooded from all the rain we received yesterday. Therefore we had to park 3.5 miles past the railroad and were bused the grounds. This would have been fine, however it added 1/2 hour to an already 1 hour and 15 minute trip. (There was a lot of traffic) We parked in a high school lot - got halfway to the buses - and realized I forgot the camera in the car (and the umbrella too - but I didn't realize that until it poured later) Once we were on the bus and settled I grabbed my camera to get some pics of the excitement...and all I got was a message on the screen that read "No SD inserted" Ugh! It was in my laptop at home. So No camera, no umbrella, and now I had to go to the bathroom. (Thanks for the pics Uncle Danny) We almost missed our 12:15 departure time because of all the morning detours. Needless to say we did ride and the boys had fun. I would like to go back to ride the Strasburg Train and tour the train museum one day when it's not raining....

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