Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching up after a long winter nap.....

First true fireworks for the boys w/ Gigi and Mimi

At the beach - looks more like a desert

Braden enjoying the water

Why is Mom making us do this?? (they are actually watching a big John Deer tractor smooth the sand)

Bike riding in the garage

Couldn't wait until nap time

Ready for Lily's Baptism

Please touch museum

Daddy's birthday - dirt cake

Sorry Daddy - it's mine now

Logan being Logan

Making Cookies

More snow???

Winter left, Spring came and went, and now it's Summer. Where does the time go?? Here are pics to catch you up on what's been going on. We had a wonderful holiday season, lots of fun in the snow, new bikes for the Spring and lot's of pool/beach time so far this summer. Braden finished out his first year of preschool and has been corresponding with his teacher through letters. He has become very confident on his Thomas bike and has even asked us to take his training wheels off. Logan has grown into such a great little boy. His swimming skills have surpassed Braden's. He's definitely the independent one. We are enjoying the great (hot) weather and look forward to lots more fun activities this summer.....more to follow.