Saturday, September 12, 2009

The beach continued.....

Sorry it's taken me so long to get this post added to the blog (for the three people that read it.) The boys have been keeping me very busy these days - but I wanted to make sure I captured some of our trip to the beach......before the fall begins and it's a just a distant memory. This year was special because I knew that Braden was old enough to enjoy the water, sand and of course the boardwalk. We had an extremely hot week (with limited a/c) but the boys didn't seem to notice at all. They kept us busy with building sand castles, digging holes, playing in the outside shower, and feeding the ducks. We were lucky enough to catch (with the help of my Uncle) four crabs. I grew up catching crabs at our beach house and this trip wasn't going to be complete without some crab. I think the kids got a kick out of it too!
We went to Island Beach State Park which is a preserved beach along the Jersey coast. It's extremely clean and can be very private if you know where to park. I think the section of beach that we were on had a a total of 10-15 people which was perfect for the boys - not to mention very easy to keep track of them. Braden LOVED the ocean and spent a lot of time in the water with daddy. The boardwalk was also a hot spot - all those rides, the kids had a blast.
We had a wonderful (exhausting) family vacation with lots of great memories and pictures....can't wait until next year!!

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