Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Summer Fun

This summer has been packed with tons of fun and lots of changes. The boys have enjoyed time swimming, playing outside, taking trips to the beach and Dutch Wonderland (thanks to our season pass). They love to explore, dig in the dirt, and play with their cousins. Logan finally transitioned out of his crib and into a "big boy" bed. He is such a independent little boy and has learned so much from watching his big brother. Logan enjoys dancing, playing outside and taking care of his bunny/baby. Braden has conquered his insecurities in the pool and can swim on his own (with vest/swimmies). He has grown so much in the past couple of months and has become such a big help to me. He has been coresponding with his teacher and is looking forward to going back to school where they have just completed a playground remodel.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Catching up after a long winter nap.....

First true fireworks for the boys w/ Gigi and Mimi

At the beach - looks more like a desert

Braden enjoying the water

Why is Mom making us do this?? (they are actually watching a big John Deer tractor smooth the sand)

Bike riding in the garage

Couldn't wait until nap time

Ready for Lily's Baptism

Please touch museum

Daddy's birthday - dirt cake

Sorry Daddy - it's mine now

Logan being Logan

Making Cookies

More snow???

Winter left, Spring came and went, and now it's Summer. Where does the time go?? Here are pics to catch you up on what's been going on. We had a wonderful holiday season, lots of fun in the snow, new bikes for the Spring and lot's of pool/beach time so far this summer. Braden finished out his first year of preschool and has been corresponding with his teacher through letters. He has become very confident on his Thomas bike and has even asked us to take his training wheels off. Logan has grown into such a great little boy. His swimming skills have surpassed Braden's. He's definitely the independent one. We are enjoying the great (hot) weather and look forward to lots more fun activities this summer.....more to follow.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Photo Shoot

At GiGi's Birthday dinner we all got dressed up for a family photo shoot - holiday style. The kids all wore matching outfits. (thanks Vicky) If I didn't have such trouble with the company that printed my Christmas cards - I could have used one of these great photos. Oh well - maybe next year.

November Happenings.....

Hanging out with Grammie Thanksgiving Day

Cutting up green beans with Daddy

Our new powder room floor is finally finished.

Preschool Photo outfit

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Catching Up!!!

No wonder he can never hear me....

not cooperating during a diaper change..

our carved pumkin

working on the pumkin

drawing the face

Daddy working on our powder room - not sure why the tool belt is empty??

Hanging at the farm on one of our last warm days....

watching the fire fighters parade in KoP

fire fighters Parade - those horns are loud

Hanging out on a rainy day...

Just wanted to catch everyone up on the Hardel boys. It's been awhile since my last update - and lots has been going on. Recently my "free" time has been consumed with a renewed love of knitting (thanks to L) therefore the blog has suffered - but hopefully Christmas gifts will not.

Braden is doing great in preschool and Logan is growing more naughty by the day. Here are some pics of our recent ventures. Enjoy.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day of preschool

Today was Braden's first day of preschool. I started to get a little nervous when he protested wearing a pull-up this morning while we were getting ready. I can't blame him really - I guess I should have introduced pull-ups before the first day. They feel and look different than his normal diaper, and he knows the difference. His mood continued when I took him outside to get a couple of photos. He didn't want to cooperate and was being very whiny. Aunt Darcy lightened the mood when she stopped by to wish him luck and give him a big kiss on his first day....she almost didn't make it b/c of traffic. I braced myself for a tear or two. I thought for sure Braden would be clingy once we got there. As it turns out - I seemed to be the clingy one. I walked him into the classroom, said hello his teacher and that was that. He immediately went to the table and starting playing. No hesitation, no tears. (unlike the next kid who walked in)
I just stood there........and thought to myself "don't overstay." So I walked out and went home. As pick up time approached I grew more and more curious about his time there. I was that mom in the carpool line scanning the crowds of children for my child -waiting patiently to get to the front - and expecting him to be just as excited to see me as I was him. Boy was I wrong. All he had for me was tears......oh, no did something happen on his first day???? Nope, he wanted to stay for lunch....can you believe that? Mama's boy??? Guess not.

A day at the park

Aunt Darcy and I took the kids to the township park yesterday. Lily and Jake enjoyed the swings - not to mention their thumbs while my boys climbed around on the play equipment. The boys are getting more difficult to keep up with these days -it's amazing how well they think they can climb. As for me - well I am nervous type, and this new ability they have makes my tummy hurt. I am hoping that will change.....sigh! Darcy and I got some great pics while walking around the pond. We had great weather and the kids always have fun there.