Sunday, December 30, 2007

Braden's 1st Birthday Party

Braden's 1st Birthday consisted of LOTS of pizza, lots of family and one cranky Braden. He cried when we tried to put him in his highchair for cake, and to our surprise wasn't really interested in putting his hands anywhere near it. We thought for sure he would want to dive right in. It was a Mickey Mouse cake that his Aunt Jody just happened to find early that day.

Braden received so many wonderful gifts, thanks to everyone that celebrated with us. (He might have to warm up to the Tickle me Elmo)

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Braden's 1st Birthday

We had a very small Birthday celebration on Wednesday (Braden's real birthday) Since he really likes Mickey Mouse - we hung a sign in our dining room that included some of the Disney characters. Braden thought it was so fun to reach up and touch the letters as we chanted Happy Birthday. After dinner we enjoyed cake (thanks goes to Aunt Darcy for making the cake) Braden sat in his high chair holding Grumpa's hand while we all sang Happy Birthday. We will be having a pizza party in honor of his Birthday this coming Saturday with all of our family.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve and Day

Even though we thought last Christmas would have been Braden's first - he was not born until December 26th, so this year was extra special for us. We had a wonderful time celebrating with the "Thompson" family on Christmas Eve and with the "Hardel" family on Christmas day. Braden received books from Aunt Erin and a shopping cart complete with food from MiMi. Santa also came to our house and delivered presents for Braden to open Christmas morning. As you can see he got a kitchen set - along with lots of pots and pans. (He likes the noise they make) Braden was asleep for most of the gift giving at the Hardel house - but managed to help Mommy and Daddy with a few. He received a new winter coat, shoes, clothing, music and lots of other thoughtful gifts.