Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wii Fit

At the risk of looking silly - I couldn't pass up this great photo-op of Braden playing along......he's hooked too!!
Darren and I purchased a Wii Fit last week - and have been using it everyday since (although I don't know why - cause it never has nice things to say when we get on the board)

New Year's Day Dinner

Braden playing in the shower

Grumpa and his buddy - Logan

Braden loved the grandfather clock box

Uncle Matt and Braden

Uncle Bart is tickling me....
Aunt Darcy and Uncle Matt had us over for dinner at their new house on New Year's Day. The boys had a great time. Braden enjoyed exploring the house - turning the water on in Darcy and Matt's bath tub, sticking his head through the kitty door and playing with the grandfather clock box....
Logan was entertained by his Grumpa - and enjoyed crawling all over the hard wood floors. Aunt Darcy gave him a book about Cheerios that he couldn't stop babbling about.
Dinner was great - the house is beautiful and we are so grateful to have such wonderful families......
Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Eve

We went to Al and Deb's house for a New Year's Eve party - kids included. Logan passed out at around 9:15 and Braden became more wired as it got later and later....a sure sign that he is beyond exhausted. I think we ended up getting home around 10:30 - and not even Darren or I made it to midnight. We had a great time (the few short hours we were there) and know for next year to get a babysitter.......any takers???