Saturday, March 28, 2009

Toddler Bed

I always thought toddler beds were such a waste of money - why not just purchase a twin mattress - you'll get a lot more use out of it. Besides where do you store a toddler bed and a crib frame when not in use. I know I don't have the space.

So what do I find myself purchasing over the weekend??? You guessed it - a toddler bed. I still believe all of those things, I just couldn't resist the look on Braden's face when we happen to come across a HANDY MANNY toddler bed. If you know my son, then you know he LOVES anything Handy Manny. Some people may say he too young for a toddler bed (2+), some may not. Guess we'll find out...... I even called his pediatrian to check about the use of a standard adult pillow. (In case you are wondering - the answer was - not until after he turns 3)

Darren and I coached Braden about the bed. We spent two hours as a family rearranging the boys room and setting it up. Braden was so excited until.......nap time. He went down pretty easily at first. We read books, tucked him in, provided him with a sippy cup full of milk and left the room. I quickly sat down on the couch -watching the video monitor like it was my favorite television show. He laid there drinking his milk and talking to himself quietly - and once his milk was done - a lightbulb went on in his head....he could get OUT of new bed, open his door and proceed down the stairs all on his own. In all of about 10 minutes we found ourselves face to face in the living room. Darren and I both spent about an hour with him in his room - trying every trick in the book to get him to sleep. Needless to say - Braden had no nap today. It actually worked in our favor -he was completely exhausted by bedtime and didn't really care where he slept. He (and Logan) were in bed 1/2 hour early.

I will be talking the video monitor to bed with me so that I can watch for activity during the night (Darren also put up a gate in the hallway that will allow him to access our bedroom - but nothing else)
With anything new there's an adjustment period - I am sure by the end of the week Braden will be just as happy to sleep in his Manny bed. Here are some pics I took today......

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Liz said...

Hooray for the big boy bed! I didn't know you had a video monitor, that must really come in handy. Hope Braden's getting the hang of his new digs!