Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jake's Baptism

We traveled to Maryland this weekend for the baptism of our nephew/cousin - Jake. It was the first time that both the boys would be staying in a hotel. Fortunetely for Darren and I, they were so tired by the time we got there - they went to sleep with no trouble (and slept through the night - which they aren't even doing at home these days) We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Jody's parents house on Saturday followed by the church service and baptism on Sunday morning. Jake was a real "sport." He slept through almost all of the service only waking for the baptism. He greeted the members of the church with a smile. Braden and Logan handled the church service pretty well and were even invited up to the front to witness the baptism first hand - which was really special. Here are a couple of pics highlighting the weekend.

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Lynn said...

Cute pic of Mr & Mrs H.!