Thursday, June 18, 2009

Save the Bunny

Logan was given this bunny/blanket as a gift after he was born. He grew very attached to it and hasn't slept a day without it. We were actually given two bunnies - so because of this, it has made it extremely easy to sneak one into the wash. However - Logan awoke from his morning nap with a fever yesterday morning. As I was giving him some tylenol he proceed to "get sick" all over the couch and the floor. I needed to wash all of his sheet/blankets and ofcourse his bunny. (both of them) I got them in the washer after his morning nap with no trouble. Although he caught me moving them from the washer to the dryer - and he had to save them. He climbed into the dryer, pulled them out (sopping wet) and took off. He didn't seem to notice how wet his bunny was during his afternoon nap......I did manage to get the other one dry while he slept.

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