Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Photo Shoot

I finally decided it was time to take the boys to get their picture taken. I had procrastinated enough and even though it was in my best interest to take another "adult" with me - I didn't. And I must say to my surprise - it went quite well.

The photographer introduced herself to Braden as "Kat," so he replied "kitty" - which I hope she found humerous. She took some pretty good shots considering the fact that Braden seemed to run out of every frame. Logan on the other hand just sat and smiled (most of the time) Once she was done taking the photos - we walked around the mall until the prints were ready. Braden dumped an entire water bottle down his pants and all over the stroller. Lucky for him - he didn't mind his clothes wet - because I didn't have a extra set with me.

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