Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve and Day

Even though we thought last Christmas would have been Braden's first - he was not born until December 26th, so this year was extra special for us. We had a wonderful time celebrating with the "Thompson" family on Christmas Eve and with the "Hardel" family on Christmas day. Braden received books from Aunt Erin and a shopping cart complete with food from MiMi. Santa also came to our house and delivered presents for Braden to open Christmas morning. As you can see he got a kitchen set - along with lots of pots and pans. (He likes the noise they make) Braden was asleep for most of the gift giving at the Hardel house - but managed to help Mommy and Daddy with a few. He received a new winter coat, shoes, clothing, music and lots of other thoughtful gifts.

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